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Born in Japan in 1978                                                                                               
Asian calligraphy(墨象) artist                                                                                     

He started chirography at the age of 9 and was influenced by 榊莫山(Sakaki Bakuzan: an Eminent Japanese calligrapher) at 14. Lived in New York in 1990's and returned to Japan after the 9.11 disaster in 2001. This is the first time to open his calligraphy(墨象) artwork to the public.

Seiho Zen Painting

About the work

Tradition is integral to creation of the Zen paintings you see in this gallery. This art is created with just a few tools that have been used for a millennium: a brush, ink stick, ink stone, and washi paper, and can continue to be used if properly preserved. The risk lies in the shifting cultural traditions, where the importance of preservation is being overlooked in a favor of more economical means of production, pressure on the environment to create traditional tools, and a rapidly dwindling group of skilled artisans. 

Seiho has been practicing Zen painting for nearly two decades, yet this is his first public body of work. He wants viewers to access their own character and spiritual force; freeing their mind, spirit and heart, offering viewers the space to have an insightful connection with themselves. In the artist's own words, "my ultimate mission is for the viewer to feel good energy through my work". The most important element of Seiho's work is how it makes you feel. 

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