Zen Painting No Title 19

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 Just like what other artists say, what people feel from looking at my work is everything, so I believe that titles of artwork are unnecessary. I can certainly say "I did not reproduce tangible objects through my drawing." I talked about the tools before, and if any of the tools were missing, these art works would not have been born. 

My ultimate mission is for the viewers to feel the good energy through my work.

 I may be standing at the last era of producing these colors. It will be very difficult to realize these colors starting from the next generation. If problems like environmental pollution, abnormal climate, and population explosion are not solved, the survival of the tools (paper, ink stick, brush, and ink stone) will not be guaranteed. Even Asians have a mere chance to see the Black(墨,すみ) color realized in these art works. These Black(墨,すみ) color can not be duplicated by advanced digital color technology or described into sentence.

 Shoddy tools will be produced continuously. But the tools used for this artwork are very fine tools made with the master artisans' fine techniques.

Title: No Title 19
Dimension : 14.5" x 11.3" x 1.0"

Tool Features 

Brush - Traditional chirography brush. Good raw material used original hair of brush is going to extinct, and the master artisan's techniques for brush production are going to extinct as well

Ink Stick - Old Ink stick that followed traditional production process. Good raw material and techniques are disappearing rapidly

Paper - Washi (和紙- traditional handmade Japanese paper). Prioritizing economic feasibility downgraded the quality of the paper. In Japan, production is gradually lost in many producing areas due to the lack of Washi successors.

Ink Stone - Made of Natural stone. It is well known that most of the famous raw stones for ink stones are no longer being mined, and the good ink stones have high artistic and aesthetic values, so they are rare and very expensive. Finding ink stones for practical use is not so easy for artists. Obviously, if the quality of the ink stone is poor, regardless how good the ink stick may be, it will be very difficult to get a good quality of color Black(墨,すみ)

Frame - Painted wood frame used and it is finely-textured and has polished finish, making it valuable as an ornamental wood.

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