Fragrance Candle & Diffuser Set (Zazen - Gray)

Fragrance Candle & Diffuser Set (Zazen - Gray)

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FDIC4406_G & FCAC4403

Designed with simplicity of a ceramic vase embellished with a Zazen Bear ceramic figurine reed, the decorative diffuser will provide calmness to any space.

  • Zazen(Lemon, Bergamot, Clary sage, Jasmine, Petigrain, Fig, Hinoki, Cedarwood, Vanilla)

Refill Size: 6.76 fl oz. / 200 ml e 

Ceramic Reed: Vase: H 3.0" Diameter: 3.5" , Reed: H 5.1" W 1.6"


Cotton Wick (2)
Container: Ceramic
Burn time: 35 hours
Net Wt: 7 Oz /200g e
Dimensions: H 4.4" Diameter 4.1"
Color: Gray

Zazen Bear Fragrance Candle shares the message of ZEN through incense and the fragrance will captivate any space while you savor a peace of mind moment. 100% Soy Wax


SKU: FDIC4406_G+FCAC4403
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